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We are a company focused on developing web based software and services for the health industry.
Our main clients are clinics, hospitals and health insurance companies who mainly use our software through a SaaS model, you can see more info about our works in the products and services section.
In the news section you can learn about the trends in the health software industry or also you can get them in RSS format.
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Has the WebOS Finally Arrived?

Dion Hinchcliffe over on ZDNet declared in a new post that the Web OS has finally arrived and that businesses and IT departments must adjust to the fact that everything's starting to move to the cloud. He cites John Hagel's so-called big business shifts of the 21st century and claims cloud computing, crowdsourcing, open APIs, Software-as-a-Service are the future of the workplace. He goes on to present a compelling visual model of the Web OS circa 2009 and examples to back up some of the statements.

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Gestión de Prestaciones On Demand

Creamos una nueva versión on demand del sistema de gestión de prestaciones y autorizaciones para obras sociales, prepagos, mutuales y gerenciadoras. Contáctese con nosotros para que le habilitemos un usuario y pueda probar el sistema online.

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Oracle puts a price on single-tenancy

Oracle today announced a new centrally managed single-tenancy option for its SaaS CRM OnDemand application, along with various other features including unlimited custom objects. Existing prices remain the same, at $70 per user per month for the multi-tenant version and $125 per user per month for the previously available single-tenant enterprise version, which is a completely independent instance for which the customer can dictate its own upgrade and patch schedules.

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La próxima generación de redes, NGN, un trayecto hacia la convergencia

La situación actual del entorno de las telecomunicaciones se puede resumir en dos acrónimos: 'NGN' e 'IMS'. Descubra su significado e importancia en este interesante artículo. Automatización, digitalización, RDSI, conmutación de paquetes, integración voz y datos, IP, nueva generación de redes, IMS, convergencia... la evolución de los servicios y de las tecnologías de las telecomunicaciones ha sido habitualmente señalizada por uno o varios términos, acrónimos, que sintetizan bien en términos sociales y en el de las claves técnicas las diferentes etapas de esta evolución. ...

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Reserve shifts in Clinics, and Hospitals.

Reserve shifts in Clinics, and Hospitals.

On Line booking service shifts in nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. It aimed at providers of medical services in general, it is contracted as part of the system Management Clinics.
At no cost to patients, streamline...
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